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"Salut. Bienvenue dans Lexicanum. Okay, here my miserable French comes to an end ;). Good to see someone's doing something her (apart from filling article stuff in the category pages like in the past), as the french Lexicani are something like the Enfants à problèmes of the Lexicanum family. If you have any questions just contact me or Inquisitor S. (he's the sysop) or use the Lexicanum-Forum (normally English, sometimes German - but I suppose French is okay, too). Greetings.--Genestealer 11 juillet 2008 à 17:57 (CEST)"

Could you explain me what you don't like in those "filling articles stuff". They are not filled stuff, they are good quality articles. The french lexicanum don't have many user, so there are few articles. But when the articles are wrote, they are good (and IMHO in a lot of case better than the english ones). So I don't like when you say that it's "filled stuff".

And it was a lot prettier and easier when the catégories also had the information linked into it. Having a "catégorie:le vieux monde" and an article "le vieux monde" is a really bad presentation I think. But I will not undo what you have done. If you want to participate to the french lexicanum, you can. But It could have been better if you have asked before making the change in the "discussion" tab. IMHO, those changes are an error.

Cheers CF

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Image-Johann van Hal-Small.jpg Attention, Adept de LEXICANUM!

Cet article ou cette section ne cite pas suffisamment ses sources.

Images, et Sources.

Je me suis pauser quelques questions, les images que l'on integre peuvent elles être des scans de livre comme les WD ou Livres d'Armée?

ensuite, j'ai vu des pages qui avaient pour sources des ouvrages non-officiels (comme le Grimoire), ont elles réellement leurs place sur le Lexicanum ou est-il réservé uniquement a de l'officiel pur et dur?