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Le Lexicanum est une encyclopédie non-officielle sur Warhammer, le jeu avec figurines de Games Workshop basée sur la célèbre base de données en ligne qu'est Wikipedia. Chacun d'entre vous peut y participer - tout le monde est libre d'écrire, de corriger et d'apporter de nouveaux articles. Alors joignez vous à l'aventure!
  • We need help in building up the help pages of both English wikis for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. At first we should transfer all help pages from the German wikis, then rename the titles and links and last but not least translate everything into English. Similar case with the categories overview and pages regarding copyright and disclaimers.

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After looking around in the Lexicanum, have a look at the help pages, who will teach you step by step how to use this wiki. For trying out we recommend the Chaos wastes.


Here you can see the complete content of the Lexicanum, which actually consists of 697 articles:

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